Small Makeup Haul + Reviews Part Two

Hi loves, I hope you are doing well. This is part two of my small haul!



Okay so I got this online because Sephora AUS didn’t stock it, Although I’m sure they do now which is super good for you guys! I have heard good and bad reviews on this palette. Honestly I love it! The pigmentation is great, however the foiled eyeshadows aren’t as pigmented when you use a brush. It has been said to use your fingers for those specific shadows as it gives the best result. It has a great variety of colours but still within one scheme if that makes sense. The biggest part that bugs me is the price, before launching on Sephora AUS, if you wanted to purchase it from her website it was about $130 including shipping. I don’t know about you guys but I think that’s a bit of a stretch. I’m always honest with my reviews, I think this palette is great and it is a great buy but not for $130. I purchased mine from CULT BEAUTY which is a authorised beauty store.



You know how just before you pay for your stuff at Sephora they have other things to lure you? Well this was a complete impulse buy. I didn’t even read it properly, all I saw was minimising pores and I was like I’M SOLD! I bought it for $22 which isn’t that reasonable for 20mls. The girl at the check out told me that I can use it morning and night and I can add it to my foundation if I want. I have used it for a few days and it’s not too bad, I think I’ll need more time to see if it is really worth it.



I love TOO Faced mascaras, so I thought this would be just as great. WRONG! I really didn’t like this at all. This is a duo that has little fibres in the small tube to create longer and thicker lashes. I have long lashes so I love adding more thickness to them. I have tried a Designer Brands Cosmetics version of this and I love it. I thought I’d try this for $50, but it just didn’t do it for me.



I love frank products! The first time I ever used a coffee body scrub I used frank, I have used other brands but nothing quite compares, It leaves my skin soft and hydrated which I love. Over time it helps with acne,dry skin, cellulite etc. I picked up the original, I know there is a few other types. If you haven’t tried it before, I would recommend it 100%! It is $17.99 and it lasts a while!



I am loving pigments these days. I picked this up from a little store, which I don’t remember the name off, they had a range of drug store products. I picked these two up for $3.99 each. The photo doesn’t do any justice of how Iridescence these are. If I didn’t know these were BYS I would have thought they were MAC pigments. I tried these out with a spray of MAC fix plus on a brush and it is amazing and for $3.99? BARGAIN! If you can get your hands on this, get it!!



This is the Glam Glow Powered Dual Cleanse Treatment, as the girl at mecca said it “detoxifies your face” I have always wanted to try glam glow but I didn’t want to spend $98 and not like it? So I found the mini version for $27, I thought I’m going to have to try it eventually. After trying it a few times, I really do like it and I do want to try the other glam glows. A good tip is, if you have sensitive skin just get a mini version see how it goes with your skin and then get the big one, rather than spending that much money and your skin having a reaction. The thing with the glam glows are they are extremely activated, so you will feel it and sometimes that might make you think you are having a reaction but it’s actually the product working on your skin. The mini versions are $27 and the full sizes start from $98.

So thats it for my small haul! I’m sorry if parts of it were bit negative but you guys know I keep it real and I don’t want you guys wasting your money on products that just don’t live up to the mark!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue



8 thoughts on “Small Makeup Haul + Reviews Part Two

  1. Wow, I love this post! I haven’t tried this specific palette yet, but I am dying to purchase the new Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette! The colors are so unique and gorgeous! Your blog is completely one of a kind and I cannot wait to read your next post! xoxo


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