What Aleppo

Hey guys, I hope everyone is having a good day. I actually had a completely different post ready to go, however due to the recent events, I don’t have it in me to talk about anything else before this. First of all, I’m sorry to all the people about the above the photos, I should have put a disclaimer or a warning but then it defeats the purpose. I wanted people to feel that shock of seeing these photos because this isn’t a movie, this isn’t made up blood or wounds, nor is it fake emotions. This is all very real.

I am in shock, looking at these photos hurts my heart. I live in a society that what a celebrity is wearing is more important than the real issues in the world. I mean these photos speak for themselves, these are just a few of the many horrific photos. You know what? they are just photos, imagine; imagine yourself being in that situation. Any one of those photos, take your pick. Imagine you are a frightened child, you’ve lost your parents and you have no where to go, everywhere you turn there is blood and dead bodies. I’m sorry for the excessiveness but this reality, this is what people are going through right now. Or if you are a parent and you are holding your child but they aren’t breathing anymore. I don’t ever wish any of you to be anywhere near that sort of situation but if you imagine for 1 minute, it is traumatic let alone actually being there.

It is beyond me how this is ok? how this is justifiable?”just another massacre” It makes me so mad that people are losing their lives everyday, they never will have a chance in life because it was taken away. It saddens me that Kim Kardashians robbery in paris was more breaking news than this. People cared more about 1 celebrity for weeks on weeks than they do to people who are being killed violently everyday. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy Kim was ok but it’s about caring, it’s about understanding and taking a stand. Honestly I don’t give two f**ks about a celebrity couple breaking up their marriage after 4 months, I want real news, I want to see what everyone is doing to help or what I can do to help. If we don’t take a stand who will? will we keep watching people die everyday? will we just brush it off?

Look, I love make up, I love clothes and I love talking about them on here but I don’t ever want my blog to be just about material things. I want to use my platform to spread awareness of what goes on in the world, if there is a slight chance I can do something, I will do anything in my power to do so.

I will take a stand, will you?

Below is a listing of organisations which you can donate to (courtesy of SOPHIE CACHIA @theyoungmummy)

•Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without borders)
•The White Helmets
•Save the Children
•The Compassionate Collective
•Syrian American Medical Society
•International Rescue Committee
•Islamic Relief USA
•Hand in Hand for Syria
•The International Committee of The Red Cross •UNHCR

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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