What Happened to me?


Hi guys, it has been quite a while since I have posted on my blog. You guys might have many questions, all I can say is I hated not being able to post, it actually made me quite upset. Now for a few weeks my blog was getting a make over which didn’t end up happening. That is a whole other story, but if you follow me on Instagram (@duskavenue) I posted a photo in which I had wrote something that I believed needed to be said. If you haven’t seen it check it out! It has been a month since I have posted on my blog, all I can say this month has been one of the most challenging months in my life. I was going through some personal issues and I was just in a negative headspace. I couldn’t write, yes I could post as much on Instagram but I couldn’t write on here. I couldn’t be portraying myself as being positive when in reality I was in a complete negative bubble. We all have that and it’s ok, it should remind us that we are human and different emotions that come with that. It was so confronting that I actually had to take a step back and breathe and say “Ok wow.. I gotta deal with this” and I knew until I dealt with it I couldn’t write. Writing has always been something I loved but it’s crazy when negative things completely overshadow you, you actually forget what you love doing and to be honest it is poisoning. I hated it but I’m glad that I’m back stronger than ever.

As you guys know I’m not a person who posts 4 times a week or even 2 times a week. Generally I post once a week and something I have always said and always will continue to is that I am always going to be authentic. I don’t want to write about stupid stuff just so I can have a post up, I want my blog to be a platform which people can read about a variety of different things, what I’m passionate about, what I love what I hate etc. So the next time you are reading a post by me remember my authenticity lies within my writing and within what I am writing about.


So I’m happy to be back full force! I have so many things I want to write about, I love you guys and thank you for ALWAYS supporting me.

Much Love -Dusk Avenue

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