My Top 10 Beauty Tips

Hi guys! I realised haven’t done a beauty related post in a while! So I thought it was time for my top 10 beauty tips, wether it is skincare or just make up related. The tips are what I have learnt and what works best for me! 

NOTE: These are all my tips and if you do not agree that’s ok. It’s not meant for everyone! 

  1. Wash your make up off COMPLETELY! 

This is said all over the beauty/makeup world! Wash your make up off completely, doesn’t matter how tired you are. If you leave your make up on A. your pillowcase will get dirty and B. your skin!!! You will be more prone to getting pimples and dirty etc in your skin. I wash my face every night and morning. Your skin will thank you! 

2. Moisturise!! 

This is pretty self explanatory… moisture, morning, night and before make up!. Your skin needs to be hydrated and it helps your skin look radiant and fresh. There is so many types of moisturises it is important to find one that is best for your skin type! You can find a drug store one but if you want to spend a bit more you can go more high end. It is completely up to you and how much you want to spend. 

3. Facial Spray 

I love sprays which you can use for a few different things. My favourite is the Mario Badescu facial spray. I use it to just mist my face before my foundation and my favourite is using it after my make up is finished. It helps soak up and ensure my make up doesn’t look powdery. It helps to give a dewy look, which I love! Any face mists can help refresh your face throughout the day depending on your skin type. I don’t like a matte finish so I use a couple of sprays of it and it there you have it! Whether you want to use it just to mist your face or use it as a lasting mist on your face. They are the best. I am still abit unsure of the MAC fix plus, I prefer the Mario Badescu one and not to mention it’s cheaper! 

4. Blending Highlighter

As you guys know I love my highlight, so sometimes I do go overboard. But in saying that it is important to have it blended, I usually go for powder Highlighters. I used to use the fan brush to give the best result but now I get a small powder brush that isn’t firmy packed and I use that to apply it. I feel like it distributes it nicely and blended rather than having just a thin strip of hightlight. It gives it more of a strobed effect rather than having the edges sharp and not blended. So the more blended you want, it is best to use a brush that is soft and fluffy. 

5. When in doubt use warm colours 

Do you have a date? Or an important meeting you need to look your best? Or just want to look your best? I am all for experimenting as I do always! But my motto is when in doubt use warm colours. With that I mean eyeshadows, use oranges browns and golds. This is completely my opinion and my favourite tip especially for myself! Using these colours is the most flattering for my skin tone so whether it is a wedding or just a day out and I want to just create a look that compliments my eyes etc, I will use these colours. It suits the eyes regardless of what colour eyes you have. Like I said I experiment! I have with cool tones but I have found it doesn’t look that flattering on me and it gives my face a washed out look, almost like I have no colour on my face. But warm colours are what I live for! You can do a completely smoking eye or just a really simple brown on the eyes. The best part is you can even use your bronzer as a eyeshadow. I use hoola bronzer on my eyes on the days when I don’t really want a lot on my eyes. 

6. Hydrating lip products 

What really brings a look together is the lip product. Whether you like a glossy lip or a matte lip it is important to have your lips hydrated and mositurised. I always like using a lip balm while I’m doing my make up so by the time I’m ready for the lip product it’s mositurised and ready to go! If you don’t like using a lip balm you can use a lipstick that is mositurising. 

7. Colour on your face!

Colour what????? ok don’t freak out! I always use bronzer/contour and blush. It gives your face colours because the foundation is to even out the colour on your face, but you have to put Somme colour back in. It not only looks good it helps you look more youthful if that’s something you like! I never used to use blush but now I’m loving a little bit on the cheeks to tie in the look together! 

8. Curl your lashes!

If you have lashes that don’t curl upwards using a lash curler can really make your eyes pop with big lashes and it shapes your eyes better. I have long lashes that are already pretty curled so I only do it for dramatic looks. Even if you don’t use a lot of masarca it helps!

9. Face masks!  
I love using face masks especially after a day with full glam make up. It gives your face a break and it relaxes you! Wether you like peel off masks, sheet masks or just wash off ones. They are all great! Just be careful because some can irritate your skins, so best to try a easy sheet one first then you can build up on different face masks as you go. I generally do a face mask twice a week. You can do it less or more, it’s up to you. It’s your relaxing time!  You can go out and get proper treatments I like to just do it at home! 


Beauty / Make up should be fun! So experiment with different looks, if you like something then great! Don’t worry about people, if you want to rock a winged liner on a Sunday brunch YOU DO THAT! not going to lie, I did that today. I know I’m only 21 years old but my biggest tip in beauty is yes there is techinques on how to do things but you just incorporate it for yourself. If you want to apply your foundation with your hands DO IT! if you want to use a brush USE IT. Like I said it should be fun! It’s a way of expression. Just like art, and art is not limited to just brushes. You just do you and don’t worry about anyone else. You slay! 

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