Nicole Guerriero X Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkit REVIEW

Hi my lovelies! I hope you are doing well. As you will be reading this I will be on my way to Sydney.. what am I doing in Sydney you might ask? Well if you don’t follow me on social media (which you should haha) I am going to the Adele concert! I’m super excited for and it should be a great weekend away. Now moving on to the actual topic of this post. THE GLOWKIT!!  I stayed up till 4am to buy this! So much dedication.

Now if you are make up crazy and you watch many tutorials, you would have to have gone past Nicole Guerriero, she is a beauty and lifestyle vlogger on YouTube. I remember she came up on my recommend list and I was like hmm I’ll watch this one video, after that one turned into a hundred. She easily became my favourite vlogger, whether it was a simple make up look, or a complete fierce look. She knew it all, when I first started with make up I will try to recreate the looks she did. Anyways in short she helped my love for make up and beauty grow. Now I know she had a few other products out but the glow kit has to be one of the most hyped. I know people weren’t sure if it was going to be good or not, I knew it was going to be amazing. Nicole has always loved a highlighted look, so I’m barely surprised her product was the glowkit. 

How much is this gorgeous palette? it retails for $40 USD which converts to $50 something in AUD, buying from ABH website you pay a hefty shipping fee, but I must say it is worth it! I ordered it on Saturday and got in on Tuesday morning. It isn’t a cheap products so if you are thinking of splurging it would be an amazing item to do so. I don’t actually own all the glowkits but they are worth it. Nicoles glowkit I found had shades that are easy to use and represent her style completely. I personally love “forever lit” it’s an ice white shade which you can add to any hightlighter to give it an extra pop. Or you can use it by itself. This is what I love about this specific Glowkit, it compliments so many different skin tones and it just melts into the skin in a way that it looks like you are just a glowling goddess. 

I must admit first looking at the shades it does look very glittery but it looks soo nice on the skin, especially if you use the right brush to enchance it completely. You all know how much I love multi purpose items, these are AMAZING highlighters and even better eyeshadows whether you use it for a pop of colour on the eye or use it on the whole lid. It is entirely up to you!! You know I’m a sucker for packaging and if I could only show you!! It’s a beautiful baby pink with glitter and it just looks extraordinary. 

The pigmination, well what can I say? It speaks for itself. I’ll do a swatch photo, so that way you can see how gorgeous each shade is. I love just about everything in this palette except the price (call me a cheap ass) I just wish it was a more affordable price so everyone that wants it can get it. If that makes sense. This is a limited edition palette so get your hands on it ASAP, if it’s still available. However I’m sure they will do another release before they do discontinue it. 

Should you buy it? 

I think 101% of you want to buy something nice for yourself or for someone else, it is a nice addition to any growing makeup collection.  

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

2 thoughts on “Nicole Guerriero X Anastasia Beverly Hills Glowkit REVIEW

  1. Thanks for the write up! I really wish they wouldn’t discontinue it! So happy you scored yourself a palette x


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