Outfit Of The Day: Effortless


Hi my loves I hope everyone is having a wonderful day, I am so excited to be relaxing the next four days for the Easter break, not to mention eating chocolate!

So this actually has to be one of my favourite outfits, I wore this out the brunch with my friend. You know how you want to look good but you don’t want to over do it but you still want to look put together? Yes the struggle is real especially living in a place where you can be freezing in the morning and by midday you’re dying from heatstroke in that sweater. When I want to look nice for either an event or even just on a daily basis I don’t do it for boys or anyone else. I do it for myself, so when I walk past the mirrors I’m like “dayum girl”, I’m not joking. I am serious.

Now an absolute must is a crisp white shirt, as long as you have one of these, you can style them in soon many different ways it’s crazy. I suggest spending a bit more and getting a good quality one that lasts you, rather then having to keep buying new ones and sometimes you can’t find the same style and its quite annoying. I got mine from forever new a couple of years back for about $80, I am happy spending that because it still looks brand new.  You should find one that suits your body shape because trust me I have come across a few that have made me look like an eggplant.

As for my pants I just wore some skinny jeans from forever new, these ones especially are perfect for me because they are nicely fitted and they are crop, I am short and normal sized skinny jeans are always too long at the end for me. These are one of my favourites to wear with any type of tops because it really defines my lower body (In a good way!)

This blazer is one that my sister bought from Myer on sale a few years back so I don’t have heaps of information on it. I love the print and I felt like it added the perfect touch to this outfit. It is a very comfy blazer, you can dress it up and down (which is one of my favourite things about blazers). I think you should never be afraid to experiment with prints! I am a fan of prints (except animal prints, I don’t know why I just do not like them) however if you like that, you workkkk it!


Ohhh my shoes, these are one of my favourite styles. I know this style isn’t for everyone. Some of my friends make fun of them but hey fashion knows no boundaries. If you like it then wear it. For me I love it, however I didn’t want the hefty price tag so I opted for affordable ones from RUBI SHOES, these ones were on sale! (Check it out if you want them!) I got them in sliver and black. They are super comfy and easy to walk in. Also its a good idea to always buy the cheaper ones to see if you actually like the style on you rather than spending a lot and ending up hating them. I love affordable things just as much as I like expensive things, its all about balance.

My pretty bag, obviously you cannot go wrong with a LV bag. I love using mine, I don’t use it all the time because sometimes it can be a pain as it isn’t realistic to use when I’m traveling. I prefer cross body bags for traveling. Nevertheless this is a perfect bag otherwise, it fits a lot and it doesn’t lose it’s shape.

I am someone who will spend a long time for my make up and outfit but never enough time for my hair, I feel like I need a change but I don’t know what to do. (Let me know if you have any suggestions). For this look my hair was second day hair so I chucked it up in a half knot bun, effortless but still put together (well more like I had nothing else to do with my second day hair). I love big sunglasses, I don’t know why but I just think they make such a statement rather than small sunglasses. It is important to get sunglasses that suit your face shape,  I have had some horrors back in the day, it completely makes or breaks your look. Sometimes big sunglasses don’t look good either, you have to find the right type, best way to experiment is buy cheap ones online first and wear them a few times. Once you have done this you’ll know which style suits you best and you can invest in a more expensive/ good quality pair.

So thats all for this post! Always remember, your style reflects who you are. So never feel bad about it!


Much Love – Dusk Avenue


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