Outfit Of The Day – Mix it up! 

Hi my loves, I hope you are all doing well! 

Today’s topic is…. well I mean the title did give it away. An ootd but not just any ootd, a mix it up ootd. 

For too long we have all been so scared of wearing certain pieces, certain materials etc. I remember growing up (Speifically when I was 11 years old) Certain people would say “don’t wear poofy dresses because it make you look big/fat”, BUT WHAT IF I WANT TO WEAR A POOFY DRESS!? It’s not a good mentality to give to anyone, none should have to feel like they can’t look good in specific clothing.I totally get dressing to compliment your body shape, but you know what sometimes you gotta say fuck it, I’ll wear exactly what I want to wear. 

This ootd was a perfect example of it, I paired burgundy velvety top with a metallic pink pleaded skirt, why did I do such a thing? Because I damn felt like it! I loved this combo, both were strong pieces but it worked beautifully together, you know how? Because I believed so. You can always combind different textures and get a really good result.

Nothing completes a look better than the confidence you carry with it. You have to believe in the outfit (such a weird concept but it really does work). Unless you have a stylist with you all the time, you will have to create your own looks whether it is for a dinner or an event. So why not have fun with it. Incorporate things you love and just don’t be afraid to be bold. 

I used to get so nervous and get anxiety when I tried out a bold look. I used to think “what are people thinking? Do they like what I am wearing? Do I look like an idiot?” So many thoughts through my head, almost I felt like my head would explode. But as time went on and I gained more confidence I realised I don’t really care what people think, I don’t need anyone’s validation. Now I am always so extraaa! I wear what I want when I want and you should to.

Now if you are feeling down REMEMBER THIS! 

no ones opinion can really affect you unless you let it. 

So wear the damn dress, wear those heels you have been to scared of wearing and you kept them in the box underneath your bed and especially wear what you want to wear. 

Mix it up, have fun with it and just remember no one is you, that’s what makes you, you. 


Top is from She inside 

Skirt is from Piper / MYER

Shoes are from Zara

Bag is from Louis Vuitton

Much love – Dusk Avenue 

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