The Weight Of The World

Hi loves! Hope you are all doing well
As you can tell by the title today’s topic is quite important to me.

I always talk about accepting/loving yourself but I never focused on weight. Now I know many people might not be happy with the way they look, the size they are etc. so I thought why not talk about it and share my personal experiences with it.

I recently was just looking at my photos from a while ago. I was thinking “hmm I look different” I knew straight away that I looked slimmer in the face. Suddenly I had this cloud of sadness over me. I kept thinking “damnn it I gained weight” I went to the mirror and looked, I was trying to look for my double chin. Had it expanded and no one told me? 

Day after day we don’t realise but our body changes, it changes every single day. Now here I am feeling sad that I had “gained weight” that I’m now “fat”. I had to stop myself during those nasty thoughts, “hold on, what’s wrong with changing? What’s wrong with having a comfortable stomach and being curvy ?” I decided to keep looking with a different thinking. I began to realise that it’s ok, I loved every memory that was taken with the photo, so why was I getting so sad that had changed. I am growing up, I’m not a teenager anymore so my body will also evolve as a woman. 

I know when people put themselves down, majority of the time it is because of their weight, body shape etc. It is horrible that people feel incomplete within themselves because their body is a different shape than the next person. 
Straight up I’ll be honest. I don’t weigh myself. I don’t believe that the numbers on the scale define my importance in my life. I go by my clothes, if they start to feel tight then I’m like ” Ok Jima settle down with those donuts”. 

If you want to “get fit”, I only ask you this… who are you doing it for? If you are doing it for yourself that’s amazing and hats off to you. But if you are doing it for others.. it won’t make you happy. Instead it will make you have this idealism that to be better in the eyes of others you will have to keep doing things to make others accept you. 

One of the biggest life lessons I learnt recently that you will never remain the same. Your “weight” will not remain the same. You will always lose and gain weight and that’s ok. I love eating so I can’t magically stop eating all hose things that I drool for on a daily basis. I’m being dead set serious. I never say no to food and that’s not bad. I’m happy that I love food.  

Acceptance is the best way to start your journey. Once you have accepted who you are then you are nearly unstoppable, whatever your goals might be. Similarly with the health journey it is important to always remember to put yourself first. Don’t think that “10kgs later I will be happy, everything will be perfect.” Because your happiness is not measured in KGs. Be happy with where you start. 

Look as much as I love Kendall’s body, I will never have a body like that. I’m short, she is tall, I have completely different features than she does, so even if I lost heaps of weight I will never look like that. All I can do it ensure I can be the best version of myself and if that requires a new health journey I am happy with that. 

Please don’t compare yourself to celebrities bodies, only compare yourself from when you started. Look how far you have come. 

Right now (well finish reading this) go to the mirror and if need be, get naked and look at your body, this is you. This is who you are. You don’t know how much your body fights infections for you, sicknesses, heals when you are hurt. You accidentally trip and graze your knee, your knee heals. This is what your body does, so why do you not show it the same respect? Why do you hurt yourself with negativity just because you have a few stretch marks? Its nothing to be ashamed of, I have stretch marks and I’m proud of it. 

Take a great hard look at yourself and I want you to point out ATLEAST 1 thing you love about yourself. Whether it is you hips, your legs etc. Just be real with yourself. 

Be RAW and honestly do whatever you want! 

Sometimes we catch ourselves with those negative thoughts and when you do seriously just tell those thoughts to fuck off. Go get ice cream or go eat an apple whatever your little heart desires. This life is yours, please make choices for yourself. 
Much Love – Dusk Avenue 

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