20 things I wish my 16 year old self knew

Hey loves! 

We all wish we could have given our younger selves advice. Whether it is about love, happiness, education, family etc.

Well this this 20 things I wish my 16 year old self knew. 

  1. Education is important but your mental health is more important. 
  2. There isn’t one definition about “Beauty”.
  3. The “popular group, cook kids” doesn’t mean shit once you leave school.
  4. Family is your best support system.
  5. Ask for help. Whether it is education, health. ANYTHING. 
  6. You are enough. You are so unbelievably enough. 
  7. You literally do not have to justify anything you do to anyone. 
  8. Self love! Spread that shit. 
  9. Express your creativity, you don’t have to like what everyone else does.
  10. Eat, Eat , Eat don’t starve yourself in the name of “skinny”. Take care of yourself! 
  11. Love and support your friends but remember not everyone has the same heart as you do. You can be friends with someone for 10 years and they can still be capable of fucking you over. Trust me it’s happened. 
  12. Kill them with kindness, instead of stooping to their level.
  13. Spread kindness and positivity. STOP the negative thoughts. 
  14. Honestly do what makes you happy. You might be talked about for a while. But how long will people talk for?
  15. Have family time, trust me you’ll regret all the times you didn’t spend with them. 
  16. You are still learning, you are growing and that’s ok. 
  17. Work on what you love, your dreams and passions will keep that flame burning. Dream hard, work harder. It will all be worth it.
  18. Trust yourself and your judgement.  
  19. You don’t have to have it together all the time. Cry if you need to, even if it is just because you had an overwhelming day. 
  20. You are loved, you are unique, you are you and that’s something no one else can change. 

Much love – Dusk Avenue 

2 thoughts on “20 things I wish my 16 year old self knew

    • Thank you Pia!! Yes, it’s one of my favourite tips. It is so important to have self love and ensure you are doing the best for yourself. I feel like people forget that over time but it is crucial!!! Xx


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