Soft Grunge Make Up Look 

Hi guys! Today I wanted to talk about makeup! One of my favourite things but you guys should already know that! 

More specifically a “Soft Grunge” look. 

Look I like experimenting but generally I like sticking to my soft browns on my eyes and glowly skin. But nevertheless I do stand for trying out new things. 

What does Soft Grunge even mean? 

I have no idea. I’m just being honest. 

You know how you scroll through instagram and see make up pics and they have captioned it with  whatever, well I noticed the similarities between the make up looks that were stated “soft grunge”. So I used that term to describe the make up look. I don’t want anyone to get offended and if you do. That was not my intention, I’m sorry. 

Well anyways my shining product for this look was the Napoleon Perdis loose eye dust in “million dollar mermaid”. It is such a beautiful browny shade with iridescent sparkles. I have always said I love products that have multipurpose use and it is also how you use the product. 

I didn’t care to much about putting other eyeshadow but I did go in with the Napoleon Perdis total Bae sculpture eye palette which is just beautiful transitional matte shades. I just went in with the loose eye dust and I just worked it in till it was blended nicely and it was really easy to do so. After doing so I got a clean brush just to make sure there wasn’t any harsh lines. 

My base is the same as usual except I didn’t go to town with contouring I just kept it really glowly with some blush. I find sometimes it looks even better than having a complete contoured face (yes I said it) blush adds a really flushed look and it’s natural. 

As for the lips! I just used a lipstick (stick to the colour that you will be focusing on the lips) so the loose eye dust would stay and then I just packed it on. Which gave this beautiful shade and it made a statement, sometimes you can’t have that with just lipsticks.  

So like I always say make up is fun and you can take it off whenever you want so don’t take it seriously and just play around! If you want to rock a purple smokey eye, do it!!!!! 

Much Love – Dusk Avenue 

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