Feelin 22 -Tea Party


Hi guys! I hope you are doing well! Today I wanted to share my 22nd birthday party with everyone, more specifically a tea party.

There are many different interpretations of ‘Tea Party’,  as for me it means a lovely afternoon with little snacks (savoury and sweet) with a range of beverages including (can you believe it?) TEA…. hahaha ok that was WAY funnier in my head.

Look for me, I would take a tea party/high tea over any other type of party personally. I don’t know what it is about tea parties that I just absolutely love, I did a high tea for my 21st which was held at a racecourse event room. As for my 22nd birthday, not just for the party but I think as I have been getting older I have realised it’s quality over quantity.

I wanted it to be a fun, chilled out afternoon with people that I love. I didn’t want it to be a party where I couldn’t even have a conversation because I would be too busy running around doing things.  I ended up having about 15 friends there, which made it lovely to just sit down and have a nice conversation with some nice food and drinks.

Soo… how did I start?

Well if you know me I’m a Pinterest fanatic! I just took some time and really just found inspiration and some great ideas. (If you have an upcoming event or anything you need inspiration, Pinterest is the way to go!)

After doing this I saved all the ideas and I took from it in a way it would suit the theme I wanted. (Also by all means use my photo for inspiration for your event, please tag me if you recreate anything!! I would love to see!)


             Custom TWENTY TWO Cookies by Rosie Cakes Canberra | Cake by PIP&LOU Canberra

Along side beautiful decoration, food?! well that was easy! When your mum is the best Persian cook you have nothing to worry about. My mum made a few of her special dessert dishes, which was loved by all! Other than that I made a few traditional tea party foods, such as scones, macaroons, finger sandwiches, spring rolls, etc (A big thank you to my friends who made the sausage rolls and quiche because your homegirl couldn’t have done it by herself, you know who you are, Sarah and Jamye!). I also brought iced tea, a variety of fruit juices and teas (so yes no alcohol, yes I’m a party pooper, but I don’t think you need alcohol to have fun!) We also made fruit salads, I just wanted variety, so everyone had something they could eat, including cheese platters with dips and many more bits and bobs (I mean do you really need a reason to make a cheese platter?… yeah I thought so! haha).

So below I have a few photos that were taken in the moment, I have so many more but I had to narrow it down for you guys, so you can see the best. What I love the most about these, is the simplicity. Just genuinely having a great time! It was a beautiful day and everyone that came just made it even better! I was spoilt rotten! I’m so lucky I have such great people that support me and show me endless love!





DISCLAIMER: Audrey is ONLY having Apple and Blackcurrant Juice in a champagne glass (just making it clear!) 


In the moment: with the one person who has always supported me no matter what. My beautiful sister! Wasi had spoilt me rotten with beautiful luxury gifts! There is just so much love for her its crazy! lets just say if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be following my passion! She always keeps me in line and makes sure I stay true to myself! Heres a big thank you to the best older sister in the world. I love you.

img_3506-e1504592911322.jpgMy Baby Girl Audrey 



just replying to all the beautiful birthday messages! Once again thank you so much to everyone that wished me! So so so grateful! Endless love for all my beautiful followers!


Much Love – Dusk Avenue


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