Monday Night Feels

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Hellooooooo guys, this photo was taken yesterday as I did an OOTD with this beautiful yellow dress. Low-key I just wanted to add a photo so you guys don’t forget my face, hahah kidding.

I don’t know where you’re from but here in Canberra, today was a public holiday so no work (WOOH HOO) I had a relaxed day at home, just lounged around.

But work tomorrow (nooooo) so I had some monday night feels I wanted to share. This is just my thoughts, so whatever I am thinking I am literally typing. It’s actually kind of fun, it’s a stress relief as I am putting what I am feeling into words and I am talking about things that I guess are some what relatable (so don’t worry you aren’t the only one!)

Do you ever feel like you can do sooooo much with your life but you’re still in the same receptive shit? I mean don’t get me wrong I understand some people like having routine and thats totally cool, but for me it’s like I just know there is soo much I have to offer and do in my life that sometimes I feel like I am stuck and I can’t move. I mean life gets in the way you know? We all have our responsibilities so as much as we would love to run away to Greece and never come back, that’s not reality.

I would love just go travel and have nothing to worry about, but you know where it should start? Your job. You have to be happy with your job, If you are like me and work full time you know that your work has to be good or else you get over it so quickly as for me, I did. For such a long time I just kept making excuses as to why I couldn’t leave but FINALLY I handed in my notice last week and I’m out next week! Just like that.

Thats what I love though, you are able to make decisions just like that and yes the changes are sometimes hard to deal with but it is necessary. I did make a big decision and who knows what I’ll do after but I trust myself enough that I will find a way.

There is actually one quote I found and I have been replaying it in my head a few times and it’s so important, “You must make a choice, to take a chance or your life will never change”

We all have days where we question aspects of our life and we feel down because things aren’t always the way we want it but it is so important to understand that you have to make decisions if you want change, it’s scary taking risks but if not now when?

I feel like I want to do one night a week dedicated to my random rambling. So thanks for reading my rambling and random talk.


Much Love – Dusk Avenue


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