Fenty Beauty – Trophy Wife Review 

Hi my lovelys! Ah I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a product review. But I had to, not because FENTY Beauty is “in” but because this product is actually amazing and has already climbed up to my favourites list! 

Now let’s start off by if you are someone who likes a “natural” highlight/glow. This is NOT for you, nevertheless it’s totally worth a read haha. 

If you know me I love highlighter and I know there is so many different types out there. If I could I wish I could buy every single highlighter product. I was so excited to try this out because just by looking at it, it’s not your average “glow”, it’s gold and bold. As I was excited I was also intrigued to see how it would work, how was the formula? would it look nice on the skin? 

I started off with a little bit and let me try to explain my reaction… Well let’s just say my jaw hit the ground. Yes it looked bold but in the most amazing way! I don’t really know how to explain it but the gold just complimented the look. 

The pigmination is crazy good, generally when I use highlighter I swirl my brush a bit and tap off the excess and then go to town with it (I like to think I’m a glow queen) but with this product, I lightly touched it and that’s all I needed. This highlighter retails for $50 AUD which is actually pretty averaged priced for highliters these days. You will get a lot of use of it, especially if you use it as an eyeshadow aswell. I used it for my inner corners of my eyes and it was such a big pop of colour, it really tied the look together.

Wow I really need to step up my swatch game lol 

Now no product is that perfect that there is no cons with it. It is one of my favourites already but it is more on the glittery side. It blends well but it’s not seemless (I don’t know if that really makes sense). I know for some people it’s a deal breaker and they don’t like the glittery highlighter. I think it is an exception, I personally wouldn’t be wearing this every single day (lol I say that now but let’s see)  but it comes down to preference and what you like, ya know? 

A selfie of me and my bff Aimee, I used the FENTY Beauty highlighter, in my inner corner, cheek bones and nose. The photo doesn’t do it justice, trust me. 

Just wait till you go in the sun, #blinding 

I think it is worth investing in this product if you know you will use it. There is no other time to be bold than now. #glowwww

Much Love – Dusk Avenue 

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