90s Are Back 

You can’t be 90s without kick ass denim overalls, headphones around your neck and fresh white kicks, am I right? 

Hi my beautiful people! Hope you are all doing well. Today I wanted to talk about “fashion” well more specifically 90s fashion coming back. Ok I’ll be honest we already know this, correct? With all the suede, ruffles, florals, tracksuits it has to be right?

Now I don’t consider myself an expert on the 90s style as I was only a child, so I was a victim like every other child, the only fashion sense I had was whatever my mum made me wear (it’s true and you know it) but my interpretation of our NEW 80/90s style is majority of what is “in” and pieces we throw in together and see if it works. Also it might be 80s inspired aswell but honestly I have no idea hahaha.

If you have been following me for a while or you’re new (HELLO MATE) I don’t wear one “type/style” I wear whatever I am in the mood for. So I created this look which is something I consider casual, well you won’t be seeing me wearing this to a wedding obviously!?

Me with my badass pose, but really I was thinking ” DAMN JUST TAKE THE PHOTO, I can’t hold this pose any longer “
I wore my denim overalls with my Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt which I’m pretty sure was from the men’s section but hey does that really matter? I actually brought brand new Reebok classics. They are abit narrow for my feet but they are comfy. If you don’t like the NIKE cortez then steer clear of these bad boys because they are ultimately the same. Now for sunnies, because I’m someone who throws them around and to be honest I don’t really care for them I buy cheap ones. So the ones I am wearing in photos are from eBay, for a solid $2 with shipping if I remember correctly. 
You know it’s funny because a couple of years ago I found the same design of sunnies for $350, now you tell me? $2 or $350? Look I’m not telling anyone off for buying expensive sunnies because ya home girl spends so much on everything else like beautiful bags and make up. So I know it but for me personally I would rather spend less on something I don’t really care for! And I change sunnies so many times, it’s hard to stick to one pair for a while. I get bored. 

A good tip is shop on eBay if you want to spend less, you should never feel less or low for not wanting to spend a lot. There is nothing wrong with it, it just makes you a savy shopper LIKE ME!!! 

I love this look and I dig some of the older styles that are making a comeback. Especially mismtaching them all. It’s fun and you should have fun doing it!
Much Love – Dusk Avenue 

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