Melbourne Cup Luncheon at Hyatt CBR


Hi my loves, I hope you are all doing well! Today I’m talking about one of my favourite places… Hyatt! If you know me I love to go to Hyatt for high tea, it’s just one of my favourite things to do! I love the atmosphere, food.. well pretty much everything.

So before we get into the amazing venue and the details, lets talk about the outfit. Now I’m someone who gets my outfits ready way in advance however I didn’t know what to wear for Melbourne cup! I had never been to a Melbourne cup event and those fascinators seem so intimidating to me!

So I wanted to wear something simple but still dressy, I paired a black skirt with a bright coloured top so in this instances I chose orange. Fascinators are suppose to be out there and they are meant for a statement but I knew it would look nice if I got a black one that partly covered my face, I just added some soft waves and I felt like that complimented the fascinator perfectly. I wasn’t really into getting anything to extreme even though you guys know how extra I am all the time, but fascinators are serious business!. I made it simple and wore black strappy heels and used a mimco pouch. (Thats because I don’t own any other type of pouch lol)

Also I did want to say you have to be comfortable with what you wear but just have fun with it too! You should always wear something that reflects you, wether that is out there or simple. The choice is yours.


As for make up I kept it fairly simple, strong brows, big lashes and glowy skin (my go to as many of you already know!)


Now the event itself!

I will say it again I LOVE HYATT so this was a no brainer for me!

I just wanted to say first of who ever chose the colour concept… HATS OFF. It looked incredible. I have some snaps below which I took during the day, hopefully you guys can get some vibes from it. The setting and colours screamed spring and summer vibes. It looked fresh and fun. It all just tied in together! Not to mention the perfect weather?! (yes it was raining the day before, but you know Canberra has pretty drastic mood changes!)

Hyatt in my opinion does some of the best events, I had my school formal there and so many other events I have attended in the past and they have all been amazing. So honestly I knew this event was going to be great.




The food! You all know this is my favourite topic ever! Does anyone else get super pro at taking photos when it’s food? (like yes bread be the best version you can be…or is that just me? ok thats abit random) BUT these snaps were easy because the food is really speaking for itself. The food was soo delish! I guess thats why so many people actually spend good money because you are getting the great quality food and amazing service. They were so attentive to whatever someone needed, which I thought was great because sometimes you go places and the service is so poor you don’t ever want to go back. Yup true story it’s happened to me at other places. I will probably never go back there. Honestly it’s a big part of it, the service you receive determines your overall experience. 

I was eyeballing the dessert station which you will see when you scroll down. (We all know dessert goes to the heart right? not counted for the stomach ok)


YUMMMMMM……. lrg_dsc03143lrg_dsc03136

The dessert station! (No joke I took some outfit photos and then went straight there) I was trying to have self control but I was thinking “ONE OF EVERYTHING!” (come on I’m not the only one?) fresh waffles, fresh churros, ice cream cart and so much more (DROOL….)

If you thought it was just a fancy lunch, you’re wrong! There was an amazing fashion parade which showcased some beautiful pieces. I love that it was apart of the day because Melbourne Cup, well aside from the actual races it is about fashion and styling. It was the perfect addition, I enjoyed seeing all the colour and textures that were incorporated in the looks.

Aside from the fashion parade there was live dancing!

Also let’s not actually forget about the reason Melbourne Cup is so big , the races! There was a massive screen which people who wanted to watch the races could do that. It was great that everyone was accommodated to!

This was actually one of my favourite events I have been to this year! Hyatt did an amazing job pulling all this together.

 Now once aspect I didn’t talk about before was meeting new people. Look I’m easy going and all that but I get super nervous when it comes to new people. It’s always nerve racking having to introduce yourself as this strong independent person. I struggle with this all the time and even at this event. However I didn’t let that stop me from having a good time. I talked to people I just met and it’s honestly amazing how much you can learn from people. I actually networked and had opportunities given to me within that moment. I feel like thats the beauty of it, you can have the best time and still focus on your goals. So I was on a table with people I didn’t know but I think it’s also about just introducing yourself and each time you get better at it. The one thing I can’t do properly is when people ask me what I do (I’m like “I write things and take photos.. and yes I want to make this my career”) It’s not easy but this helps build your confidence and you will become a pro! Also in life you can’t always be in comfortable situations you will need to get out of your comfort zone because that’s the only way! 

I just wanted to say thank you Hyatt Canberra for the invitation to such an amazing event. Truly was delight to be at! 

If you are in Canberra and are looking to have an event! I strongly recommend Hyatt. Not because of anything else but just the fact that I would genuinely host my event there too. You guys would love it! 

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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