I’m a Cake Designer!


Hey my loves, Guess What?!?! I’m a Cake Designer hahahahahaha ok well I’ve only decorated one cake so far. But come on guys I’m getting somewhere? Right?

If you live in Canberra you would surely know about the new blank space called The Social Club, first of all it’s so beautiful ahhh! They have been having workshops and I decided I wanted to go to the Semi Naked Cake Decorating Workshop with Cuppalini Cakes (Now to clarify it’s the cake that is Semi Naked…. just so no one gets any ideas lol)

I love cake and I love eating so I mean need I say more? Well honestly I love doing creative stuff so I thought why not give this a go.


We watched the demonstration first and then began to create ours! The cake was pre made so we were able to utilise the time we had to make our creations. We started off by putting some melted chocolate on the base, this helps keep the cake in position.


I started to use the buttercream for the first layer, yes my hands were shaking. (IT’S TOUGH WORK)


I put somewhat of an even amount of buttercream, while I ate some of it but hey thats the beauty of decorating your own cake. Also who knew stacking the cakes was a stressful job or maybe I just find the stress in everything lol!

img_5467Now was the fun part! Icing the whole cake and using one of those metal knife looking things to smooth it out. This was the part I was going to throw the towel in, I just couldn’t get it right and I was really going to give up but I kept it together and used another tool which made it so much easier for me to smooth it out and create the semi naked look. So this was as good as it could get!


It’s crazy how much you learn in such a short amount of time! Some cake designers use this tape to make sure that when the flowers are in the cake it’s hygienic rather than just sticking flowers in. I thought this was quite interesting because I have never thought about it like that. We also got some wire to use for the plants/flowers this helps stabilise and change the positioning of it. I feel like this would be best for cakes that are bigger and require a lot of flowers.


The chocolate drip was option but you guys know I never leave anything incomplete, I was like go hard or go home so I also added the chocolate drip… I look very calm in this photo but in reality all I was thinking was “don’t screw it up, don’t screw it up!”

img_5514This was everyones cakes together I think we all put a solid effort in. Mine is closest in the photo. I feel like I have even more respect and love for cake designers because honestly it’s not easy. It was so much fun being creative and doing things outside my comfort zone, thats the only way I’ll learn. When is the last time you did something for the first time?

Thank you to The Social Club and Cuppalini Cakes for an amazing workshop!


Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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