The Weeknd Concert!

Hi guys, hope you are all well! You might be wondering why I have pictures of desserts rather than the weeknds face?! Well I wanted to show you guys the amazing desserts we had! Check out Bay Vista in Parramatta! Trust me they know their desserts!



Myself, Wasi and Jamye pretty much dressed the same! We wore practically the same thing!, the only difference was, I wasn’t given the memo to wear white converses (I kid, but seriously tho, those b***hes LOL)

See what I mean!?


This is the only photo I took during the weeknd performing! He was incredible! I took some videos but I can’t upload them unfortunately, Before the weeknd went on stage there was two supporting acts, French Montana and Nav. I honestly really enjoyed French Montana’s performances, I feel like he knows how to keep a crowd entertained. Besides I have been currently obsessed with his song “unforgettable”. The concert was amazing, the weeknd preformed honestly every song that I love! He just was amazing, I wish I got to meet him (just because low key he is one of my celeb crushes) Ok look a girl can dream hey? I am pretty sure a lot of people there were thinking the same!

So much fun, I’m glad I got to share this experience with my sister and my closest friend!


Much Love – Dusk Avenue



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