Instagram vs Reality

Hi my loves! I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a post! I took some time off during the christmas break and things were going on in my personal life which limited me from being able to write, I love writing and it’s one of my passions but as I was struggling I was unable to actually create any posts because lets just say I was having a writers block! You know me I can’t provide a post every week cause that shit gets boring real fast.

So todays post is something I have been on the works for a while, I feel like its the most and not talked enough (if that makes any sense). Instagram is a place were we all put our best selves, always showing the best parts. We don’t show when we are close to a break down or after having a horrible day. We only show the good, we never show the aftermath of anything bad nor do we like to talk about it.

I admit I have wasted many hours scrolling through Instagram wishing “I looked like her” or “I wish I had that”, the aftermath is usually really sad feelings. Well why can’t I look that good? why doesn’t my make up look like that? How can I pose like that? omg does she even work? How can they afford that?

Endless Questions and not enough answers. 

The reality is, it’s not always real. Below is a photo I closely chose for instagram! My make up looked really nice with a touch of skin softening.


Gorgeous right? well if I say so myself. I was quite proud of my selfie, like goddam. but remember I approx. took 50 selfies to get the one good one. People could look at it and be like “damn she took one selfie and look how nice it is” but REALITY  is I took 50 and yes I keep getting reminders that my iPhone storage is full. Well Duh.

Now below is one of the other 49 photos that did not make the cut img_7930

Yassss serving looks. yeah right. This photo has everything wrong with it! but you know what? I am still the same person as the previous selfie. The only difference is the photo, Instagram you can choose whatever photo, whatever filter and caption. Reality is who I am. I always try to put my real self out there but of course I’m going to put a nice selfie up. I’m not a hypocrite, I am only stating the fact of practically everyone on Instagram. The difference is I am telling you that there is always more to it. Some photos I will have that is super candid and it happens in the one photo and you just want to thank god but then there is times where you have to take so many selfies to really emphasise your make up or outfit etc and thats ok.

I feel like people are too quick to put the blame about whats wrong with society on people who pick and choose their photos on a social media platform. I consider myself a content creator, the content I create is to show the best/ an aesthetic but you know what I am learning to have more fun with it and really show that I am just like everyone else (which I do on my Instagram Stories and my blog) If you guys want a photo of me after I’ve cried endlessly after watching pursuit of happiness, I will do that!

My emotions, what I write is RAW and isn’t that whats important?

My advice is, it’s ok if you want to take 50 selfies and only find one bomb ass one to upload, or its ok if you want to upload a photo of you after a hectic work out session. It’s ok, your social platform is yours and only yours.

The only thing I say is next time you are scrolling through and you see things, remember that it’s not always what it seems but we are all trying. Lets spread love and positivity.

Whether it is Instagram or Reality, you are beautiful regardless. Remember that.

You just do you, don’t worry too much. I know we all look and wish we had a different life (Instagram Life) but you know what I am learning from all this? I am alive and in full health, same goes for my loved ones. Thats what I am grateful for. I no longer want to exercise my thumbs in scrolling endlessly on posts. I enjoy content from the people that I follow but that mentality about wanting that “perfect life” it means nothing to me anymore. I am happy with my life and I am content.

Much Love – Dusk Avenue



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