Surprise Dinner at Wild Duck Restaurant


Hi guys! Hope you are all well! If there is anything I love more than food it’s talking about it! (No really!).

Well a few weeks ago I was on the hunt for a nice place to dine for my best friend’s birthday! My sister and I put our researching skills and we came across Wild Duck Restaurant at the Kingston Foreshore which is a Fine Asian Cuisine. So I contacted them and in the process they were so incredibly kind to create a customised banquet menu for the three of us! Did I mention I love customised things?!

The decor alone made me feel like I wasn’t even in Australia! I felt like I transported!



Now I am ALL for trying out new places but we all know it’s not only the food that makes or breaks the experience, it’s the service! Trust me I’ve tried some places that the service was so terrible that I would never go back! Have you ever experienced that?

From the moment we entered till the moment we left it was amazing, the service was impeccable! Below I took some snaps of the Entrees, Mains and Desserts so you guys can drool on your screens! We had everything from Beef Dumplings to Lamb Shanks, to Prawns and Sticky Lamb Ribs and Ginger Creme Brûlée! It was safe to say we had to be rolled out because we ate so much food!

Look at all their awards! If I got that many I would display them too!


Not to mention as much as I love food sometimes I do stay within my comfort zone but it was not only amazing food but it was an incredible experience to try certain dishes I would never pick myself. You guys should try this because you would be surprised how great it is! Comfort zone is boring! Go explore! This is how I started, not to mention worse than me is my sister who is so picky but me being the amazing sister I am, I made her try everything and to my surprise she loved most of it!

We started of with the Salmon Tataki! It was the best way to start our feast so to say! This was served with nashi pear on the side, a ginger glaze and sesame seeds, which I thought it was unusual at first but when I combined them, it all made sense! It was the right amount of texture and flavour to start of with!


We had two types of Dumplings, Balmain Bug and Wagyu Beef. I enjoyed both equally! The Vinaigrette sauces complimented the dumplings really well and again with the presentation! So beautiful!


Another selection of Entree! Wasi already digging in, I don’t blame her! This is perfect for all the tofu lovers out there! perfectly presented the three different ways of tofu! I never thought I would enjoy tofu this much!


This ‘deconstructed’ soup isn’t even on the menu yet! (Sorry I don’t remember the name) It’s for winter and dare I say it’s the perfect dish for winter! It’s was nice and creamy and the addition of the pickles, croutons and spring onions gave it a beautiful texture. The fish was so soft and falling apart, which for me was just the way I wanted it. I love that the dishes all complimented each other and weren’t too heavy.


The attention to detail was fabulous, the plating of the food alone! They say you eat with your eyes and we truly did.


Dragon Cut Baby Eggplant was more directed for my sister who is amongst the pickiest people in the world! She absolutely loved it! I tried some and honestly I never thought I could find someone who could make eggplant better than my mum, but the flavours of the sweet and sour just bumped it up! The outer layer was nice and crispy and inside was soft just the way eggplants should be made! We can see a little peak of the Singapore Chilli Prawns, pretty sure I ate them all, I’m not always a chilli fan but this had the perfect balance especially with the Jasmine Rice!


These Twice cooked Lamb Shanks were next level! I highly recommend getting this!! I feel like I have no words because it just was so delicious! Of course there is other options if you are not a big meat eater! But the smokiness and that sauce just made it to the top my list as one of my favourite dishes I’ve ever had. AND THATS SAYING SOMETHING!!!


Happy birthday Sarah! They were so so incredibly nice to bring out our desserts with a candle in honour of her birthday! Needless to say she felt very special. To me it’s always the little things and these are the things we will remember! Ps the dessert wasn’t in focus because I think I accidentally shook the camera. I don’t remember the name of this dessert but it was unique to say the least! It was something I have never tasted before and I am very happy I did!


Anyone say Ginger Creme Brûlée? I have never had a Creme Brûlée that I have actually enjoyed so much! You know how on cooking shows they do the tap on the top and it cracks well lets just say I didn’t care about the birthday girl I tried to go in first to do it, but my sister beat me to it, ah well! The Creme Brûlée had the perfect texture, reminded me a lot of a dessert my mum makes. The dessert that is peaking through in the glass cup was so good! You know how you finish dinner and are craving dessert but you can’t have something heavy because you think your stomach will explode? Well these two desserts we shared were perfectly balanced with the rich textures and sweetness but not an overload that would leave you feeling like you will not eat for the next week. It was refreshing, the perfect way to end the night! Not to mention I have never had had pepper corn Ice Cream! There is always a first time for everything (is that what they say?!)


I just wanted to say it was an lovely night, great company, great food and great service. What more can a girl want?

A MASSIVE thank you to Wild Duck for their hospitality  and helping us celebrate! I cannot recommend them enough! Whether it is a birthday or you want to have a fine dining experience! You can even book out their private function room! Please check it out because you will not be disappointed!

I know I’ll be going back! Also please let me know if you do check it out, let me know your thoughts!


Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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