Real Talk – Death


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Disclaimer: This is all based on my experiences and my knowledge/opinion. 

Hi Guys! Welcome to my first Real Talk post of the series! So I had to start it off with a iconic quote. I haven’t posted in a couple months so yes I’m back and it was a couple months I needed to myself. Is it writers block they say? You all know (or if you are new) I only create blog posts about things I actually want to talk about, I don’t like to post two to three times a week about things I’m not passionate about, so here goes!

First off I want to say (DEATH IS SO SCARY!) and I wanted to create this series on my blog because I believe certain things need to be discussed and I want to be the one that can at least shed some light onto these topics.

Just like the book Tuesdays with Morrie I want discuss each topic the best I can, if you haven’t read that book. GET IT NOW AND READ IT (well maybe read this first then that).

Most of us think about death for a moment then bury it underneath everything, we know it’s there but we turn a blind eye. Just like a overfilling laundry basket, we forget about it. Kanye West once said “Nothing in life is promised except DEATH” and honestly that’s the truth in a nutshell, nothing in life will be promised for you, from anything like  money to health, but Death? Yes that is promised. Whether you are 15, 30 or 100, it’s the crippling truth.

As a blogger I know people will think, “why don’t you stay within your fashion and beauty posts?” but why can’t I speak about important things? Is there a rule book?

We have all lost someone close to us or have been exposed to death in some way.

I found that I went through a very “materialistic” phase, all I wanted was branded clothing, branded everything. It was a way for me to feel good. But as I kept buying these things to make myself feel better it didn’t? I’m not saying I’m not a happy person or I don’t love my shopping but I used it as a technique but really I was suppressing what I was feeling. No amount of material things can help you or make you “happy”. Don’t get me wrong I love my luxury items but not for the wrong reasons. I believe that once you are happy within yourself and you come to terms with the topic death, things change!

I’ll try to explain a bit better.

What would you do today if you knew it was your last week?

What would you do differently?

Would you be more kinder, more content with life?

Would your relationships be different?

Would you leave that mentally draining job?

So many questions right? But really, take the time to answer these questions for yourself. Because I can guarantee you, the answers would be different if you included death as the main factor.

It might sound random but honestly, a lot of opportunities I take on, I try to think I only have limited time and I want to create the best life I can for myself and my family.

You know what the biggest luxury in life is?

Not money, guess again.


Without time we have nothing. I remember as a teenager I used to have my headphones in and just avoid family. But these days as I have gotten older and really just grown up, I can’t get enough of it! I know that one day these days will just be memories and I know this is heavy stuff but it’s necessary!

We all get so caught up in life and to be honest I’m not surprised but everyday I wake up and say how grateful I am. Another day, another 24 hours that I can create endless possibilities!

Death is inevitable, what you have to decide now is, how are you going to live your best life? What are you going to do different?

You know that old saying “Live everyday as it’s your last” I never knew how much truth that had until I realised, wow it’s because we are almost robotic with this endless cycle we call life but the moment that is threatened the real you comes out!

If you are looking for a moment, a sign to get started for anything you want in life, this is it. Because there is no better time to start than now.

I think for me, coming to terms with how real death, I’ve found myself wanting to do more, so I don’t regret the life I lived.

So what are you going to do?

Much love – Dusk Avenue

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