Attention Potterheads!

Hi guys! Hope you are all well!

If you know me I am such a big potter head! Anything Harry Potter I’m obsessed with. I grew up reading and watching Harry Potter, so it of course relates back to my childhood. I still remember getting the books for my birthday and I remember reading them all the time, or at school I would re read the books. Similarly with the movies I have watched them so many times that I’ve actually lost count. (Yes I’m that annoying person that knows every word in the movie! But it’s ok I don’t say it haha)

Ok obviously you get it, I’m a massive fan! So to my delight hearing that there would be a store with all licensed products of Harry Potter I was so excited!

Now whether you like Harry Potter or not, you cannot deny that it has taken the world by storm, it did from the very first book and movie to the very last of it. Don’t worry I’m not forgetting about cursed child or fantastic beasts either! Harry Potter became an alternate world, an escape that people needed.

Quizzic Alley is the store we need to thank for the Mecca of all Harry Potter Products in Canberra! You know I keep it real with you guys and it’s one thing to sell things and have a store but it’s another thing to create an experience and such an experience that consumers will want more and more each time!

We are so used to walking into a store with minimalistic furnishings as that’s the style that is so in right now. Well when I first walked in, let’s just say *JAW DROP* I felt like I stepped into a Harry Potter world, exactly how I felt at universal studios but at the comfort of my own home town. Everything fit in perfectly, all the vintage and classic furniture, the mismatch of it all is what gives it character. I love that each item placed into the store has it’s own story, each piece is from a different op shop or found in different states, but it all works so beautifully. I would love to sit here and honestly write and write about it but you need to see it for yourself, then you’ll know exactly what I mean!

Now for the products!! You can literally spend hours here, I know I could. Whether you need to buy a gift for someone else or you are feeling in the “treat yoooo self” mood, there is everything! From door mats to collectable house pens or t shirts. I have some photos I took to really showcase the best I could but no amount of photos will do it justice until you go in yourself! You know how you go into a store and some things have the “do not touch sign”? Well you are able to explore, sit in the car which I know is a big thing for all potterheads, Again it’s all about the experience and sometimes that’s more important than the product you buy.

They also run wizard/ magic themed parties, I wish my birthday was coming up because I know exactly what I’d be doing, The party room looks amazing, perfect for all ages… no seriously, it’s not just based for children, that’s the beauty of it!

If these photos don’t make you run for the door to get to Quizzic Alley ASAP I don’t know what will!

Please let me know if you have had a look around! I would love to hear about it!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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