I’m back!

Hi guys, so it’s been a hot minute, more like two years? If not more???

So first off I’ll tell you guys why such a long hiatus? I was uninspired. Plain and simple.

I felt like I saw people posting every week and just couldn’t keep up with writing when I felt like I had nothing exciting to write about. It’s actually kind of sad… I was working 4 jobs (don’t ask me how I managed that) and from that I needed time for myself, family and friends. Before I knew it I was planning for a trip, so much has happened since then. A lot of emotions, a lot of changes but that’s life right!

I also want to acknowledge all the devastating fires that has effected Australia. It’s been hard to post on Instagram knowing all that is going on. We are so lucky to live in a country where everyone is ready to lend a helping hand and just do anything to help.

Now for 2020, I know all the new year new me shit, I believe we learn a little more as each year passes but for me, it’s not a “New Me” it’s a “I’ve learnt a lot this past year and I’m going to do better this year”.

I’m excited for this year and yes! I’m definitely getting back into writing more, I’ve missed it so much and it’s not better time to start again than now…..

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