As you guys know I’m a HUGE fan of lush, it all started when one of my friends bought me a gift pack from their spring range for my birthday. At first I was hesitant, I mean I love trying new things but at the same time I don’t (If that makes any sense!) so from that time onwards I always have to buy something from there. So last weekend, I decided to have a look around lush as they had moved their store in the city. I had to buy a couple of bath bombs, I think they are amazing if I need to have a nice bath to relax. If any of you guys are looking for bath supplies, I suggest checking LUSH out. The prices are reasonable for what you get. Now my recent purchases isn’t a lot but they are surely my favourite!

I got two bath bombs, the white one is called Dragon’s Egg. I actually used it couple of days ago and WOW! it’s fizzy and frothy and when you get out of the bath it leaves little gold glitter on your skin. Made me feel like I was bathing in gold! it is definitely worth the hype! The purple one I got is called Phoenix Rising, I haven’t used it yet but it looks so magical, it has essential oils that make your skin feel like feather, now tell me whats better than that? I’m really excited to try it!

I got a bath melt, this was my first time getting one of these because I’m so used to bath bombs. But I gave in and tried something different, the lovely worker told me to get their most talked about melt, which was the Ceridwen cauldron melt. I used it the day I got it, it was amazing on the skin, so you drop it in the bath and once its been soaked completely you can use it as a scrub for your body. We all know using oats are great, this has taken the cake. Also can we talk about the packaging, SO CUTE!

The last item I had picked up was the BB seaweed Fresh Face Mask. I have tried a few face masks from lush but I wanted something different, this was great because it not only made my face feel hydrated it made it feel so soft. I don’t know how it will suit people who are really texture based. It is a thick paste with bits of seaweed. I am enjoying it, the only down side of it is that its so hard to wash off. It takes a good ten minutes. but its worth it right?

All products can be purchased online ( or your nearest store. Also keep an eye out they always have new exciting products out! be sure to let me know as well!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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