Gift Guide – Christmas Edition (PART 1)


Hi my loves!

So I have decided to do a christmas edition for my blog this will include the gift guide which has 11 parts to it. I might even throw in extra festive posts! so each gift guide has a theme so to speak, my first one is obviously DVDs. Now all my gift guides are for “HER” however you can change it up and make it for “HIM” as well. I think it’s more so just the idea that the actual item if that makes sense, so lets get started!

Currently these have been my favourite things to watch, as most of you guys would know I’m a super big fan of supernatural and the fast and the furious franchise. Also after watching spectre, I have been in love with the James Bond movies (can you blame me? I mean Daniel Craig *Wolf Whistle* just kidding….well not kidding!) I am NOT a romantic movie person, I just cannot deal with them (no offence anyone!) I am more of a action, horror comedy girl. So depending on who you are buying for, movies are a great option. I mean they aren’t too expensive and I know if I got movies or my favourite tv shows I’d be more than happy. If the person you are buying for likes chic flicks you can always buy a few (that they don’t already have) and you can even write little messages as to why you bought it for them (e.g. I bought you confessions of shopaholic because you are my favourite shopaholic) or if they like action movies vice versa. Box sets of tv shows are an incredible idea! because who wants to be waiting to watch the next season when you have the whole series! It all comes down to what you think the other person would like, I know some people say movies aren’t a good christmas gift but I disagree, I think it’s perfect especially if it’s an extra gift! You can find such good sales at all different stores for movies, I usually buy my movies from JB HI FI  (which is Australian home entertainment retailer) they have an amazing selection of movies or you can always go for target, they have good sales this time of the year especially christmas movies! But before you buy movies or tv shows, just think what sort of movie they would like!

Stay tuned for Part 2

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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