Outfit Of The Day


Hi my loves! I feel like it has been forever since I have done an OOTD! This is probably one of my favourite looks I have created so far. However I’m trying to experiment more with colours and different styles of clothing. I mean the last thing I want is to have the same style going on because life is too short for boring clothes, so lets see how I go. Also if you guys have any inspired looks you want me to do, let me know!


I love this! It’s a beautiful grey top from forever new. I bought this a few months ago, so I’m not sure if they will have this specific style on sale anymore, however you can always still check it out. I purchased this for $50, which isn’t too bad for the quality of the item. It is the perfect top to wear when you want to be comfortable but still give a statement. What I love the most about this top is that the material compliments my body shape. As you all know I’m not the tallest girl and I have a hourglass body shape, so finding clothes that fit properly everywhere is a killer. However when you find it you won’t stop wearing i


I feel like I should have just labeled this a Forever New ootd! My pants are also from Forever New, they are just the basic black pants. I have mentioned it before these pants are life! If you guys are in the market for new pants please check out the forever new selection. They average about $80 but you won’t be disappointed!


I bought these gorgeous lace up flats from HYPE, which was weird because I thought they only sell sneakers but you learn something new everyday, nonetheless these are very comfortable and they look amazing on! The one I picked out is white with some snake print, I feel like it gives a modern and chic look. If you know me you would know I am not a snake print person at all, honestly I try to avoid it but this just looked so good I just had to get them, They were 50% off so I bought them for $60!


I used my beloved Ted Baker bag. I can’t express how much I love this bag, it is a perfect size and it’s just so classic. It ties the whole look together, sometimes people say you shouldn’t mix two styles but I do what I want! I feel like it makes it look 100 times better than just a tote bag. I paired it with my little pom pom which I got from Supre, I was surprised I found something I liked from there. I feel like adding a scarf or some sort of pompom on your bag just makes it so personal. Especially with my bags because my mum has a lot of silk scarves, so I just raid her closet. When I use this bag I literally feel like Blair Waldorf, do you guys have a bag that makes you feel like that? (or am I just crazy? lol)


I was feeling rose gold that day so I wore my Michael Kors watch in Rose gold and I paired it with my Mimco chain rose gold bracelet. I love this combo because I hardly wear it and I love changing it up here and there!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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