Furless Cosmetics

Hi guys! today I wanted to talk about one of my current favourite brands that I have been loving!

Furless cosmetics are a brand that specialise in vegan & cruelty free cosmetics and makeup brushes. All their make up brushes are fur-free and are hand crafted using synthetic and eco friendly materials. I have the body contour kit and I honestly haven’t been using any other brushes for contour ever since. It helps give a flawless finish to the whole look and makes it look seamless, but I feel like when you use a bad brush it shows in your make up ESPECIALLY contouring/highlighting! (everyone has had a few bad experiences with make up brushes am I right?) It had happened to me a couple of times so I tried to figure out how I can change it. Sometimes it can just be the way you are applying it and there is nothing wrong with needing more practice, trust me. I still need to watch hours of make up tutorials (I admit it guys!) But investing in good tools always helps right?

These brushes are reasonably priced for the great quality they are, also can we talk about how soft they are? I literally can sit there just applying powder for a good hour because it feels amazing on the skin. (does anyone else just stand there in the store touching the brushes because they are so soft ? I always do it. no joke.) This limited edition set is a great one to start off with, because there is no animal testing and you can use them different ways. Honestly their products are so much fun to use! check them out!

Instagram – Furless Cosmetics

Website – http://furlesscosmetics.com.au

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