Evan Evans Tours – Review

Hi Guys,

I hope you are all doing well, if you haven’t read my lil post before this about where I was this whole time (you probably want to check that out first!).

Today I’m not talking about any new make up that I’m reviewing or am I talking about an OOTD. Today I will be sharing my experience with Evan Evans Tours London.

Just like anything choosing the right tour company for your holiday is important, whether the duration is something like Topdeck’s or day trips like what Evan Evans Tour provides. You want the best, you want a place that is going to give you the best possible experience so then when you are sitting down in your living room, sipping tea (or wine) and you are looking at photos, you aren’t disappointed. 

We can’t make every moment perfect but we can find something perfect about every moment. 

So when I was looking at doing a day tour out of London, I was instantly drawn towards Evan Evans Tours, you know how you just know if someone knows their stuff? and they are damn good at it? Well that’s what I thought of them.

Now comes the tricky part, I can’t even decide what I want for brunch let alone choosing a day tour. So I struggled, there is so many options!

After many hours of careful consideration I decided to chose the tour that would take us to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford.

I would suggest to include entrances to the locations because I found it wouldn’t have been as fun and exciting if you couldn’t go inside the attraction! Am I right?!

So we had a early start on the day (sorry for all you that like a sleep in), the information was clear and we got to the gate for our coach bit early and just got some snacks for the ride. For people who had entrances included we got a different type of ticket that we had around our wrist. We met our tour guide and hopped on the bus. Now I’m not going to bore you, I slept all the way to Windsor Castle (I literally can sleep anywhere at any time) so this time was no different.

We got to Windsor and we had to wait to enter and just like a lot of landmarks you have to go through security, once through that we were in Windsor Castle and it was AMAZING! We of course got free time so we just walked around, took in the amazing architecture. We even got to see the guards changing which was actually so cool to see, I didn’t realise how much of a process it is!  

Next stop was Stonehenge! Our drive to Stonehenge was very quiet, I assume everyone was in a food coma after lunch! We had some delays on the road as there was an accident on the highway, but this didn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful landscape around us. Stonehenge was everything I expected and more! I’ve seen it in so many movies but to actually be there was one for ticking it off on the bucket list. The only thing I will say it was BUSY, but it could have been the time of the day that we went (My friend did it the day before and it was quiet). As any major tourist attraction it was packed with a lot of people with one thing on their mind… photos of Stonehenge. We took some photos but I also just wanted to be in the moment and just enjoy it. Sometimes that’s what we need, to just stop and enjoy it!

Our last stop! OXFORD! 

I was extra excited for Oxford! Why do you ask? Well because of it’s well known connection to the Harry Potter Franchise! We actually did a really nice walking tour around a certain area of Oxford. It started getting dark so I felt like it even added to the vibe. Our tour guide was so well knowledge and had so many fun facts up her sleeve. I also discovered how J.R.R. Tolkien taught at Oxford while he published his popular fantasy novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy (if you didn’t know I’m also a big Lord of the Rings fan!) After walking around and really appreciating Oxford for all it’s glory we walked back towards the main street which had many gift stores including a lot of Harry Potter Merchandise. I was sad because most of them were closed. BUT! The tour guide had asked one of the gift stores to stay open as she called ahead and asked! So in the end we didn’t miss out. I did leave with more stuff than I could have held in my two hands but when you’re on holidays it doesn’t count, right? 

Now would I recommend Evan Evans Tours? Ahh….. YES! Absolutely.

 I had an incredible time and ticked things off my bucket list in the 12 hours we did the tour! Yes I do admit it is tiring, but it’s a good tired, you have accomplished and used your time wisely! I would 100000% do another tour. I also forgot to mention I did the Warner Bros Studio Tour Harry Potter through Evan Evans Tour as well and that was just as great! 

I’ve done a couple of tours through companies overseas that have been absolutely rubbish, so when I’m recommending something, trust me it’s good! 

You know what travelling isn’t cheap either, when we want to experience things we want the best out of it, so it is important to find a tour company that you can put your confidence in and be like “YES! I’m going to have a great time!”. Evan Evans Tour did that for me! 

Evan Evans Tours


That’s all for now!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue


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