Hello guys! Hope everyone is well on this fine Tuesday morning. Today I’m doing my review/experience at Momoda Restaurant in Canberra. I feel like it’s been a minute since I’ve done a food blog post, maybe it’s just me! Haha now let’s get started.

From the wise words of the creators on their website says “Momoda – traditional Chinese street food with an unexpected, modern twist.” When I read that, I was automatically intrigued.

You know when it comes to great food, there are other things that are important too, such as the environment and the service. As soon as we stepped into the restaurant, there was just this wow factor. It had that authentic Chinese vibe but turned 360 with a twist! (I just realised my photo doesn’t do it justice, across from me were beautiful red lanterns and other bits n bobs that made it feel like I was in China!)

We ordered the banquet (Deluxe Feed Me $69) and it’s safe to say we had a lot of food brought out, as you can see below! We had a selection from double cheeseburger dumplings to seared Barramundi to Beef short ribs platter with Pancakes. It was definitely an experience, more so because the service can really make or break it for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Little side note the double cheeseburger dumplings tasted EXACTLY like cheeseburgers, it was like I had just had a bite sized burger! (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) to be honest I recommend everything that I have tried! SOOOOO DELISH!!

I mean if you aren’t hungry from looking at these photos I don’t know what will!

From start to finish it was an extremely enjoyable experience, I felt as though it was definitely worth the price! Especially if you want to try something a little different.

Savoury food I love a lot of flavour and different elements! Sweet things on the other hand I prefer it to be as simple as possible.

As we have had so many pros about Momoda, a con for me is in regards to dessert it was beautifully presented and my sister loved it! However for me personally it was a little bit too much. (Keep in mind that this is a personal choice and my lack of being adventurous with desserts! )

I have such a big sweet tooth that at certain times I do love anything out there but at the same time give me a slice of chocolate cake and I’m a happy chap.

I tried the desserts and they tasted great but personally I couldn’t finish it because of my damn taste buds, it just wasn’t my type of dessert. Which is ok, because tell me which restaurant would you go to and absolutely love everything from the menu? Remember the good outweighs the bad, in this case one small con for me haha.

You know I keep it real with you guys and I know brands/business like that or else I wouldn’t get much work for my social platforms! I love Momoda and Wild Duck equally, both are opposites to each other but the same warm and happy vibes!

In conclusion Momoda has my stamp of approval, whether it maybe for a birthday, anniversary, or just a nice little get to together! I will 100% be going back! Can’t wait to see what they add to their menu!

Check out their menu on

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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