Beauty Masterclass w/ Sigourney Cantelo

img_1815Hey loves! So today I attended a beauty masterclass with Sigourney Cantelo, hosted by the beautiful Tanya Hennessy (104.7 radio host). Now once again for my lovelies that don’t know who that is (which is completely fine!), she is a former VOGUE beauty editor who took the leap of faith a few years back and started her own website Beauticate (Beauty and Lifestyle). It was truely inspiring to see, she found what she loved and she went for it! Definitely motivation for me!

As I sat down joining the other ladies who were waiting for the masterclass to start, I kept thinking “a former Vogue editor? any products she will recommended I might as well sell a kidney for.” BUT as the class progressed I couldn’t believe it! Sigourney was recommending products that you can find in the drugstore, a few higher end but still I was honestly shocked! I thought wow! She also talked about how for herself she keeps it simple, example she uses her fingers to apply foundation, she uses products that have more than one use etc.  Sigourney also talked about how she began in this path and how it lead her to have 15 years experience, which lead her to be a beauty editor in VOGUE magazine and from that she is now founder and editor of Beauticate. It was amazing to hear when she started the hype of make up wasn’t extreme as what it is now. She also weighed in on the ever growing youtube make up artists, she says that a lot of it’s “overrated”, by that she meant does everyone have that much time to get ready? I guess for us it’s an age thing, so for younger people I believe they put more effort/time (I do this!) where as the older people just do what they can. Sigourney gave an example of herself, she says that I have children so I need to anything I can do quick in the morning. To save time she gets lash extensions rather than putting on mascara every morning.

I personally love youtube make up artists, I like to watch many tutorials, so for myself I am glad there are so many! The one thing I completely agreed with Sigourney was the “Hype”, so if a celebrity is promoting a product everyone goes crazy for it. A good example of this is Kylie Jenner Cosmetics. I am NOT bashing Kylie in anyway, however she isn’t a qualified make up artist or she hasn’t collaborated with a Make up line such as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Urban Decay etc. The reason her cosmetics are sold out nearly each time is because of who she is and there is nothing wrong with that! It’s just a different way of thinking the marketing aspect. I am so guilty of buying products because it’s this persons or this, however when you step back and look at the bigger picture. Social media is where majority of this underlying marketing happens, so pretty much everything is connected in a way. Example: Someone famous posts a photo of themselves with a new $300 moisturiser. People go crazy and thats how the sales go up. I know it’s a way of “keeping up” and almost thinking this is a way to be like that certain celebrity,this is the ever-growing society. Example: Puma was not nearly as hyped up if it wasn’t for Rihanna and Kylie Jenner with their collaborations.

I even went forward and asked her about the brand LA MER, I was hoping to buy a product to review for you guys however one of their moisturisers was $400, now I know people some people can afford this, but simply… I cannot. I cannot afford $400 on a cream. Sigourney said it’s more so the feeling people get by using a $400 cream rather than if the product is working or not. This made me think.. how many things have we bought that was high end thinking it was amazing and all it did was put that thought into our minds that it’s working?

Some of her must have beauty items included, Rosehip Oil, Mascara, Sunscreen, Night serum, Eyelash curler etc.

I could have honestly spent the whole day listening to Sigourney Cantelo! She is amazing!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue




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