Outfit Of The Day // Realistic Wedding Edition

Hey loves! I hope you are all doing well. So last weekend I went to a wedding. Now usually for me going to weddings means glam up, sparkly dress, high heels, amazing hair etc. I guess you can’t blame me the only weddings I have been to are really out there. However this wedding was in a country town, I struggled trying to find the perfect outfit as it is getting hotter here in AUS. I couldn’t figure out to wear heels and look tall or wear flats and look short. I kept thinking, “will anyone else wear heels?” Or “will I look stupid wearing heels?”, “am I going to be overdressed?”. So many questions running through my head. Luckily I had made a trip to Sydney and I purchased this floral dress from H&M for $79.99. I remember I showed it to my sister and guys the look she gave me, it was almost like I showed her a potato sack. I said to her “trust me, I can work with this dress!!” As some of you guys know in hot weather I don’t do well, aside from living in AUS nearly my whole life I still hate the hot weather! The material of the dress was great and it was thin enough to keep me cool but not that thin that it would be see through. I picked up a belt, I felt like if I didn’t have the belt it would make me look bigger as it’s not showing any curves of my body. Adding the belt really changed the dynamics of the whole look. 

As I swiped my card and I held onto the fresh H&M bag of my newly purchased dress, I dreaded that I still needed shoes, whether that was heels or flats. I kept thinking ” ok I’ll just have a look in my room, I’m sure I’ll have something that will match?” Then the shopaholic side of me thought “just go buy another pair, you cannot have to many shoes”. I came to the conclusion of waiting till I saw my own shoes and if I didn’t find anything then I would go and buy a new pair. 
I looked through my collection and I was like I’ll just wear my black and white shoes, they aren’t too high and it will match! I was so happy that I finally once found a outfit that quick. Then I tried it on and guys I don’t know if you guys have an outfit in mind and you think you’ll look bomb ass, then you wear it and it’s like “what the hell was I thinking?!”. I lost my patiences and I said “that’s it, I’ll wear flats” as I was looking for them, it almost was like in the movies how it glows. I noticed my heels from my birthday. I took them out and I put them near the dress and it was like me and food, a match made in heaven. It complimented the dress so beautifully I knew it was what I had to wear. I bought these shoes from Public Desire for $30 I think! They are a gorgeous baby pink with the slightest hint of metallic in it. 
As for my hair, I knew I had to have it up or else I would look like the grudge. I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I cannot manage my hair! When I have it out it just goes everywhere and I didn’t want to have to deal with it. So my lifesaver, my close friend from work offered to do my hair. I chose the milk lady braid ( I’m not sure why it’s called that, but we’ll go with it lol) The hair is braided in two and pulled over each other with bits of hair curled, that way it made it look done up but effortless at the same time, because everyone is loving the effortless look these days!
As for my choice of bag, I’m not a big clutch girl, I either take a proper bag or nothing. I hardly take clutches but I thought I’ll have to on this occasion. I didn’t want to have to buy one because there is a 99% I would never use it again. I did what any good fashion blogger would do…. I raided my sisters room. I found the perfect clutch from mimco. Did I take it? Answer is no. I waited until my sister was home, I said hey I don’t have a clutch and I don’t want to buy one, what should I do? My sister was like “you can have a look at my collection, but don’t you have heaps of bags?” without answering I went into her room and I picked up the same clutch and I got my shoes and I put it in front of her. THEY MATCHED ALMOST IDENTICAL! I wasn’t sure if she would give it to me because she had never used it. It had all the plastic and the tags. I did what any little sister would do, I gave her the puppy dog eyes and she said yes. So.. SCORE! I used the mimic pouch, without spending a cent! (doing this helps you save extra money which you can spend on things you actually want!)
This post is a fun realistic way of how I create outfits and the process I go through. What thoughts I have, how I raid my sisters room, my shopaholic side talking etc. I’m sure many people can relate huh?! It is also a great way to remember you can always work with things you already have and also add to it. When I need a outfit for an occasion, I’ll buy one piece, it teaches me to work with what I already have and then get creative. Why don’t you try this for your next event!?

Much love – Dusk Avenue 

6 thoughts on “Outfit Of The Day // Realistic Wedding Edition

  1. hehe this post made me giggle here and there. I loved it and gosh you looked incredible, showing non muslims that we can be stylish and modest at the same time. Boom!!!!!!!

    Love you


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