Tipsy Tea at White Rabbit Room


Hi my loves! Hope you are all well! Last Saturday my sister and I had the pleasure of going for a Tipsy Tea at White Rabbit Room which is High Tea with a twist in the heart of Canberra.

You all know my endless love for High Tea, I always think it’s the atmosphere, getting dressed up and just having a great time and of course the service. So when I go to new places for High Tea I like to see how it makes me feel (getting the right vibe ya know?) Well White Rabbit Room was just that! not only was it a great atmosphere but it is ALICE IN WONDERLAND THEME! NEED I SAY MORE?! I mean come on guys we already know we have a winner. I am such a sucker for themed places and I love Alice In Wonderland. Hence why my outfit was purposely chosen, except with my own twist.img_5993TOP: Sportsgirl | SKIRT: Asos|SHOES: Big W |CLUTCH: Mimco 

Also if you are ever struggling with outfits or make up for High Tea, A skirt and a nice top is always a safe bet.

Makeup? My safe option is my simple glam which you guys would know well by now (because it’s what I always do. Glowy skin, big lashes, strong brows)


“White Rabbit Cocktail Room is hidden in the heart of Canberra. It welcomes all those who come with young hearts and curious minds, to feast upon the decadent whimsy and marvellous creations it has to bestow.” – White Rabbit Room Website 

Now what makes a place worth going to? The atmosphere, the setting. Well I don’t need to say more, have a look yourself.


before you do… Imagine yourself here on a Saturday afternoon with friends enjoying Tipsy Tea. It’s just a very moody setting perfect for intimate gatherings!

Now for my favourite part! FOOOOOOOOOD. (You guys should thank me that I had enough self control to take super nice photos then eat)

We started off with some mocktails (I don’t drink alcohol… so mocktail it was!) then we got our savoury tier, which consisted of many delicious foods as you can see. My favourite was the cucumber sandwiches (what? its a classic!) For full details check out their Menu!

It’s not High Tea without some….tea, I decided to go with the classic Earl Grey. It is said that Early Grey is the best for High Tea/Tea Parties as it doesn’t take away from the food, the flavour isn’t too strong to be overpowering the sweets.



I have such a major love for sweets and guys if only you could could taste the desserts by just looking at the pictures because they were amazing! My favourite from the sweets tier was the salted caramel brownie, it had the perfect balance it wasn’t overly salty or sweet, it was perfect. Also I don’t know if you guys noticed but yes… there was little mini doughnuts. For full details check out their Menu! White Rabbit Room MENU

If you live in Canberra or are visiting I highly recommend White Rabbit Room. Whether you are a lover of Alice In Wonderland or just High Tea, It’s perfect either way!


Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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