Styling Scarves

Hi my loves! If there is anything I love more than a good makeup/outfit/hair day is obviously my style (LOL). I like to make my style stand out and reflect me as a person. Whats the saying? Style is who you are without speaking? A current obsession I have is scarves! I love how adding a scarf can change a look completely. I started off just experimenting with it (what I do best) Below is some of the ways I have styled my never ending scarf collection. Some are more high end and some are affordable. Just like with everything else, it’s not about the label its about how you can style it!I love this style with the scarf because it makes me feel so badass, I love how I can add this so you can see my second day hair LOL. I kid but trust me there is something abut styling it like this that gives me major girl power vibes! I stole this from my mums collection of scarves (ok stole is a strong word, I might have asked to borrow it and forgotten to return it cough cough)

The scarf wrapped around a bun/pony tail. I struggled with this one for a bit because my hair just wouldn’t sit right. I kept trying because it gives me french vibes (so not accurate)   but I like it! For me it has a sense of  “I can take on the world with this scarf”, ya feeling me? haha Whether you have short or long hair, you can make it work. I do suggest using a scarf that is smaller, the bigger it is the harder it is to make it look effortless. It ends up being too much scarf and you don’t even know where to put it! I bought this from an op shop at the coast, because thats what people do right? go op shopping at the coast. ahhh I need help lol.

Bows! they are so in right now! Its no longer just a “school girl” thing. I love bows and its even more fun using a scarf because your bow will never look the same (lol thats a good and bad thing). This is fun and easy and you can change up your hairstyle as you wish. I will suggest again using a smaller sized scarf so it can look the most flattering. Just remember you are able to create your bow or headband as small or big as you want. I think thats the beauty of it! You have so many options for so many differently styled outfits!

This style is so in right now! I have seen so many girls on instagram rocking the scarf top. Obviously mine is able more modest with the body suit underneath but I love it regardless! I used a silk scarf which once again is from my mums collection! The only annoying part is that it slides down a little, so if you are just wearing it as a top, make sure you tie it up properly! Its a fun look and you can use so many different scarves with different designs.

Finally my long time favourite! I have been doing this for years, well whenever I feel like it goes with an outfit. The scarf tied up on a bag to give the bag the extra bit of OMPH! It’s best to use a smaller scarf again but it does depend on the bag so for a bigger bag you can use your larger scarves. I like to match them up, so if its patterned I look at my outfit and see if it speaks to me the way I want. Sometimes some scarves just look bag with specific bags, but at the end of the day thats where your style/judgement comes into play. I got this scarf from Oroton, it’s so beautiful!

I have accumulated quite a collection in a short amount of time. I would like for everyone reading this post to know you don’t have to spend $500 on a Gucci Scarf or a LV one. Unless you want to, then go for gold babe! Like I said I have some high end ones and some that I have literally bought for $2 from op shopping.

Know your style and you can find the right pieces. Please if you recreate a look or you are inspired by my blog or instagram posts send them to me so I can share them! I love seeing recreations or you guys being inspired. I love sharing my little tips and tricks with you guys! I will keep you guys posted on different ways I style them (lol if I find new ways of course)

Just remember, Have fun with it!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue

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