Sydney Foodie – My Weekend Away

Hi guys! I hope you are doing well! If you follow me on Instagram (@duskavenue) you would have seen my spam of my girls weekend away to Sydney for my sisters birthday.  Now when you think of a weekend away you think, where is the best place to stay? Which hotel should I go with this time? but me? no… I think NEW PLACES TO EAT AT! maybe that is the foodie in me coming out but that’s the first thing I think about. I tried three food places in Sydney during the two days that I really wanted to share with you all! Ps you’ll find out I love posing with my food, I am a natural at it!



Location: Altitude Building, 1/330 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150


Bay Vista is located in Parramatta, I discovered them on Instagram and I have done a blog post previously for their lunch/dessert menu. This time it was for their breakfast menu, for Savoury we had just one dish surprisingly, it was the cheesy waffle. It was really good because it was simple, it wasn’t over complicated.  Now if you like to start your day with something little sweet, you cannot go past the crepes or the pancakes! You guys know I like to keep it real, I have tried so many places in Canberra for a good breakfast on the sweeter side and I have never really been satisfied but the oreo crepes from Bay Vista I had was next level. I feel like there is something for everyone there, the only thing I will add is that Bay Vista is a Dessert Bar & Cafe, but they really are special with their desserts. Everything from the portioning to the presentation is spot on! It is a super spacious place to eat, whether you have a pram or too many shopping bags. If I dislike anything it’s not having enough space when you are trying to enjoy a meal or when people are staring at you to finish your food so they can take your table. Well, you will not have a problem at all because it’s two levels! If you are anything like me and LIVE for desserts this place is an absolute MUST! Also please let me know if you do take any of my recommendations, would love to know your thoughts!

RATING: 8/10




Location: 227 King St, Newtown NSW 2042


Big Daddy’s Burger Bar is located in Newtown. It’s situated amongst little boutiques and cafes. As soon as you step in, it’s like you are transported to the US. I love the classic American Style burger joints because I really enjoyed them during my time in the US. Well this was no less, but I will suggest sitting down before you order because there is too many options, you’ll be standing there trying to decide for a long time lol! There was a lot of fun deco pieces that added to the aesthetics of the space. I ordered myself the very well known Mac Daddy which consisted of two beef patty’s with a secret sauce and cheese. There was add ons such as lettuce, beetroot, tomato etc if you wanted it. I just got mine with the addition of lettuce and that was it. I got curly fries (some of the best I have ever tried) and a malteaser shake. I mean come on? Go hard or go home, besides calories don’t count on holidays! I thought the shake would have been too much with a big greasy burger and mac n cheese to share. **LITTLE DID I KNOW!!! **This burger was incredible! It was filling but it wasn’t heavy, it was NOT greasy at all. I have tried many burger places in my time (ok here I go again acting like I’m 50 years old) but majority of places make me feel heavy and gross after, especially if it’s really oily but the burgers at Big Daddy’s tasted fresh and not greasy which made it so pleasant to eat! I’m going to say it guys…. Its right up there next to Kingsley’s burgers, THERE! I SAID IT! I can’t even describe to you how delicious was the food but that shake was HOLY MOLY, I have no words. Next time I’m in Sydney I’m 1000001% going to go back! The only thing I would have wanted differently was the Mac n Cheese I wish it had some more texture and creaminess to it! But that’s only very minor to and overall amazing experience! Not to mention the customer service you receive really makes or breaks your experience and for us it was great!

RATING: 9/10 




Location: 198 Harbourside Shopping Centre, Sydney NSW 2000


The Watershed is located on Harbourside Shopping Centre, it is a restaurant and a bar. There are many dining options along the Harbourside and of course depending on what you feel like. I wanted to try out The Watershed because it looked so good.  I thought yes the view might be half decent but I’m here for the food. As we were seated I just realised how much the view mattered, It was a beautiful night in Sydney not too cold not too hot it was just perfect, the view was picturesque and really showcasing the Sydney skyline. Now this is my type of dining, I’m not about the tiny chicken piece with a garnish on it dining (of course each to their own) I like great tasting food and The Watershed definitely ticked the boxes for me! Seafood Platters, Pasta, Risotto and Pizza are just to name a few things off the great menu. I chose to have the Captain Jacks Seafood Basket, which was so delicious but I couldn’t help myself but have some pizza too, remember calories don’t count on holidays and I had a tough day holding shopping bags because I might be a bit of shopaholic. We ordered heaps of food, so we had a small table so the waiter was kind enough to join another table so we had more room for our drinks! I love that you have to walk up a few stairs for the restaurant so you have even a better view for photos, so you aren’t really in the way (if that makes sense) I really enjoyed dinner and I don’t know if this only happens to me but whenever they come over to check how the food is and if you need anything I always have food in my mouth and I sit there looking like an over grown chipmunk with a gorgeous glow. Nup? ok I guess that’s just me then. It’s a great place for lunch, dinner and they also do functions so if I was living in Sydney I would host my next birthday there!

RATING: 8.5/10


I loved all three places! As mentioned previously this was in the duration of two days so yes of course I had other small meals however these three were the ones I really wanted to share with you guys, so next time you’re in Sydney you can check it out, because I will be going back to these places!

Much Love – Dusk Avenue


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